BC Bricklayers

Why join IUBAC Local 2 B.C. “I spent years working non union learning my craft and struggling to protect my rights, safety and to get paid on time.  When I joined BAC2BC my income increased 25% and my hours went from 10 hours per day and 50 to 60 per week to 8 per day and 40 per week.  Overtime pay was according to our collective agreement, and when on industrial projects I enjoyed double time on many out of town jobs. 
Shortly after joining I had the opportunity to work in a busy area south of the border for two years.   Consistently being paid helped me manage my finances better, and the health and welfare plan kept me from going into debt again just to pay dental bills for root canals and crowns.  Now with a wife and infant child all three of us have our Medical Services Plan, dental, extended health, pharma-care shortfall and wage indemnity paid for by the plan”. (current BAC Local 2 member)



D A Townley   www.datownley.com

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