BC Bricklayers

B.A.C. LOCAL #2 B.C. 





New Year’s DayFriday, January 1 


Family DayMonday, February 8 


Good FridayFriday March 25 


Easter MondayMonday, March 28 


Victoria DayMonday, May 23 


Canada DayFriday, July 1 


Friday Before BC DayFriday, July 29 


BC DayMonday, August 1 


Friday Before Labour DayFriday, September 2 


Labour DayMonday, September 5 


Thanksgiving DayMonday, October 10 


Remembrance DayFriday, November 11 


Christmas DaySunday, December 25 


Boxing DayMonday, December 26 



 All of the above holidays are in effect in the Industrial Sector. 


* On all commercial/institutional projects the Friday before Labour Day may be floated and the day therefore worked at straight time rates, with an alternate day scheduled to be taken off as mutually agreed between the Employer and the Employee. 


Note:  When a legal holiday falls on a Saturday and/or Sunday, the following regular work day or days will be observed. 


cope 378 

Special bulletin

Results of the VSB ratification vote:  The meeting was held November 19th from 4 – 6 pm.  John Pesa of the IBEW was in the Chair.  The three documents pertaining to the signed off settlement were presented and discussed at length.  The ratification vote was conducted by secret ballots at the John Oliver Senior Secondary School library, located at East 41st and Fraser St. in Vancouver.  The results of the ratification vote are as follows:


There are 134 employee’s in the bargaining unit, 94 employee’s voted. 

2 absentee ballots were also placed in the box, for a total of 96 ballots cast.

70 voted in favour, 24 voted against, the two absentee ballots were not counted.

Notice from the UI LDG Associates will be conducting a telephone survey of a random sample of our members as part of the IU’s ongoing efforts to give members a direct voice in the Union. 


One of our commercial Signatory Masonry Contractors in Calgary, Alberta is currently looking for 5

Journeyman (Red Brick) Bricklayers immediately. They are willing to pay for flights to and from the home Province, however, LOA will NOT be provided. 

Wages for Journeyman Bricklayer (Alberta):the rates are approx. $46.00 including benefits.  No LOA, but flights paid.  Job should last about 2-3 months.  Members should contact Alan Ramsay at 780-426-7545 or by e-mail at alan@bacedmonton.ca


This is not industrial work. NOT refractory work it is Commercial work







Alan Ramsay,

Business Manager/Financial Secretary

BAC Local #1 Alberta